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6 Qualities of a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges, whether a misdemeanor or something as serious as a felony, can be devastating. The general stress associated with such situations tends to weigh heavily on those accused. This is especially true for first-time offenders. In such situations, effective legal representation like the one offered by this criminal defense lawyer in Saint George becomes your immediate concern.
If you’re facing criminal charges, you want the kind of competence and reliability offered by the lawyers at Aric Cramer, Attorney at Law. With so many legal firms available, you may seem spoilt for choice. However, just because a legal firm is in business doesn’t mean they can deliver. If you find yourself in a bind, legally speaking, come talk to the lawyers at our firm. We understand that criminal charges can have grave immediate and long-term consequences.
It’s usually in your best interest to seek immediate legal representation. Speak to our legal experts so that we can begin fighting for your rights. This is especially crucial if extenuating circumstances are at play. If, for example, you inadvertently walk into a crime scene and get arrested, you must acquire immediate legal representation. This ensures that your case can be properly pursued while the trial is still hot. Our lawyers have the experience to handle such situations.
A good criminal defense attorney should possess certain traits and attributes that make them good at their job. These include:

Deep knowledge and experience

It’s amazing how many people choose lawyers simply because such individuals are in the practice of law. Having extensive knowledge of the legal system and its ins and outs is essential for any good criminal defense lawyer. In addition to the mandatory qualifications, a good criminal defense lawyer should have experience practicing law in a particular jurisdiction. Facing criminal charges is usually demoralizing. The last thing a client wants is to have their case bungled because their criminal defense attorney is unfamiliar with specific procedures in that particular jurisdiction.

Good communication and bargaining skills

Communication is crucial in many areas of life. In criminal cases, its importance cannot be overstated. Many cases have taken a turn for the worse simply because of ineffective communication between the parties involved. A criminal defense lawyer’s ability to clearly and concisely express themselves is of great importance. Equally important is their ability to actively listen to their client, the judges, and all those involved in the legal process.
Bargaining skills also help a good criminal defense lawyer to properly argue their case and present convincing points of view. This, coupled with effective communication skills, are crucial to many cases; effective communication and exceptional bargaining skills have won the day in many cases!

Confidentiality and integrity

Most criminal cases involve sensitive and potentially damaging information that the client wouldn’t want people to know. This means that criminal defense lawyers usually find themselves in a position of having to take in confidential information. With such information comes great responsibility and the potential to do harm. Therefore, a good criminal defense lawyer should be trustworthy and have integrity. These traits will make their clients more likely to open up to them, hence ensuring that the lawyer has all the necessary information to mount an effective defense. If a lawyer doesn’t earn the complete trust of their client, they may be in for a horrid time in the courtroom if such a client withholds crucial information. TIn the middle of the proceedings, the lawyer may find themselves blindsided by this.

Empathy and understanding

The cliché image of a lawyer is one of combativeness and being tough. Many within legal circles even consider characters like empathy to impede the good practice of criminal law. However, attempting to understand a client’s worldview and their justification for doing certain things can go a long way toward helping the overall direction of the criminal case. This, however, doesn’t mean that the criminal lawyer approves of their client’s misdeeds. Being empathetic is one trait that will give a criminal lawyer a slight edge over their competition. Deep down, people want to feel understood. This feeling is especially heightened during criminal trials when there is a lot of stress. Clients are much more likely to recommend the services of an empathetic criminal defense lawyer than a seemingly cold and distant one.

Finding loopholes to exploit

Criminal cases can be complex, involving long hours of questioning witnesses and cross-examinations. The strain of such proceedings can take its toll on even the most astute criminal defense lawyer. Good criminal lawyers should have it in them to look for an advantage throughout the criminal case proceedings. This takes a lot of logical acumen. If, for example, the prosecution obtained evidence through questionable means, a good criminal defense attorney should be able to pounce on that fact to help their client’s cause. This, of course, requires the criminal lawyer to be very keen while staying abreast of every aspect of their client’s criminal case.

Proper behavior

The practice of law goes beyond just the legal knowledge in textbooks. Sometimes it comes down to the personal attributes of a criminal defense lawyer. With experience comes certain knowledge and understanding that lawyers don’t acquire in law school. Knowing when to push and when to hold back can be crucial during certain case proceedings. If, for example, the prosecution presents flimsy evidence that seems to be swaying the jury’s opinion, a good criminal defense lawyer can quickly switch gears to counter this. One way is to go on the offensive and aggressively cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses.
Knowing when and how to switch between aggressive mode and a conciliatory move can make a huge difference in the overall case. Doing it right is, however, not an easy task. A good criminal defense lawyer should know about such nuances.
Ultimately, you want a lawyer that has your best interests at heart, like the professionals at Aric Cramer, Attorney at Law. Contact us today at https://www.ariccramer.com/.

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