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Potential defenses for drug crimes in Utah

Being accused of drug possession is a serious matter. Drug crimes may carry an element of embarrassment with them, even if the person who was accused ends up being acquitted. He or she may be required to list the charge on an employment application or disclose the event for certain reasons. This is just one of the reasons why it may be very important for an accused person to construct a well-thought-out defense against the charges, though many Utah residents might not know what options are available.

Man charged with drug crimes after alleged shoplifting

Drug possession charges are very serious accusations here in Utah. Those who are unfortunate enough to be facing these types of allegations may not be aware of the potential for severe consequences upon conviction. Those found guilty could be sentenced to jail time or hefty fines. A man recently was accused of drug crimes after police claim to have caught him shoplifting, and his future remains uncertain.