In many situations, if excessive alcohol consumption takes place, bad outcomes are not unusual. Some individuals may become angry when intoxicated and attempt to take their anger out on those nearby, which could quickly lead to charges for violent crimes. As a result, a night of drinking could turn into a serious legal predicament.

One man in Utah is currently facing this type of ordeal after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the 19-year-old had become intoxicated and began accusing his 17-year-old girlfriend of cheating on him. He then reportedly became violent with her, allegedly grabbing her and pushing her around the kitchen. The girl tried to escape, but the man again grabbed her. She managed to get through the front door, but he purportedly pushed her down the front steps, which knocked her unconscious.

After she regained consciousness, the man began to choke her, which resulted in her again losing consciousness. The girl was eventually able to make it to a neighbor’s house, and police were called. The man was taken into custody on charges of assault, kidnapping and attempted murder.

There are many details to this event, and the young man accused in this case will certainly want to go over those details and see how they could affect his situation. He may be able to provide information that could work as a useful part of his criminal defense. Because charges for violent crimes can have significant repercussions, this Utah man will certainly want to do his best to understand his defense options as his case moves forward.

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