Utah woman focuses on criminal defense after alleged road rage

Many individuals understand that frustration can easily stem from certain situations on the roadway. Many parties are able to keep such frustration under control, but some individuals may participate in unnecessary road rage. While such events can sometimes end with exuberant hand gestures or possibly yelling at another driver, there are cases in which the situations may escalate even further. As a result, a party could find him- or herself having to prepare a criminal defense.

A woman in Utah may be considering defense options after an alleged road rage situation. It was reported that the woman illegally passed a driver, which then caused another driver to have to maneuver to avoid a collision. The woman reportedly stopped at a middle school to drop her child off, and a man in one of the other vehicles also allegedly stopped and approached her.

Reports indicated that the woman purportedly pulled out a gun when the man was approaching, and when he turned to leave, she allegedly followed him before striking him in the face with the gun. An off-duty police officer was at the scene and held the woman until other officers arrived. At this time, the woman could have charges of aggravated assault, disorderly conduct and other allegations leveled against her.

The charges that could stem from the incident have the potential to lead to serious consequences. Therefore, the woman may wish to concentrate on preparing a determined criminal defense against the allegations. In order to do so, she may want to find out more information on Utah criminal proceedings relating to her circumstances. Gaining such knowledge and seeking appropriate professional guidance may help her decide what tactics may be in her best interests as the case heads to court.

Source: fox13now.com, “Woman arrested after Cedar City road rage incident turns violent, police say“, Zach Whitney, Oct. 28, 2014

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