Utah man faces serious allegations, may consider criminal defense

Being charged with multiple allegations can lead to considerably negative repercussions if an individual is convicted. Therefore, it is important that an accused party understands his or her options for dealing with the legal aspects of their current state of affairs. Once a party has a better understanding, he or she may be more aptly able to determine the most appropriate course of action, such as creating a criminal defense.

A man in Utah may be working to prepare a defense after he was taken into custody on multiple serious allegations. It was reported that authorities were searching for the man after he had allegedly evaded arrest previously. They were informed that he was at a restaurant, and as he tried to leave, they reportedly informed him that he was under arrest.

The situation purportedly escalated when the man pulled out a gun. The man allegedly fired at officers, and as a result, one of the officers returned fire, which led to the man being shot. Though the man was initially considered to be in critical condition, it was reported that he recently made a court appearance for charges of attempted murder, drug possession and possession of a dangerous weapon.

As the majority of the charges that the man currently faces are felony charges, the consequences that could result from a conviction would likely be severe. With that in mind, the man may wish to examine his possible choices and legal avenues that may benefit him during his Utah trial. Creating a criminal defense could be one option that he may wish to give due consideration and weigh against other options.

Source: sltrib.com, “Man shot by Utah police inside Ogden restaurant charged with attempted murder“, Jessica Miller, Dec. 19, 2014

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