Violent crimes: Teen charged as an adult after alleged Utah murder

When a teenager is accused of criminal activity, there are often underlying issues that may have contributed to unseemly behavior. As a result, these teens usually need help in addressing these issues in order to move forward with their lives. Unfortunately, some young individuals may find themselves being charged as adults if the allegations involve violent crimes.

It was recently reported that a 17-year-old boy is facing charges after an alleged murder in Utah. The boy had been at a camp for troubled teens after being sent there by his family for purported drug issues. The boy apparently did not want to stay at the camp, and in an attempt to leave, he allegedly hit one of the staff members from behind and continued to strike the man after he fell to the ground. The man reportedly suffered fatal injuries.

Another staff member purportedly tried to intervene, but the boy reportedly hit her as well before taking her car and driving away from the camp. Police say they located the boy driving the vehicle into a nearby town. He was taken into custody and is facing eight charges, one of which was attempted aggravated murder. It was noted that he was charged as an adult.

Being tried as an adult at such a young age for serious violent crimes could have a considerable negative impact on the boy’s life. Therefore, he may wish to determine what his best options may be for creating and presenting a meaningful criminal defense. An experienced Utah defense attorney may be able to help him find his most feasible avenues if he is interested in utilizing such assistance.

Source: CBS News, “Murder charge for teen accused of killing worker at Utah troubled youth ranch“, Dec. 9, 2016

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