Violent crimes: Man accused of murder after Utah teen’s death

When facing allegations of a serious crime, it is understandable for individuals to feel overwhelmed. However, rather than feeling as if the fight is over before it has begun, individuals accused of violent crimes may want to explore their criminal defense options. Individuals are presumed innocent until — and only if — convicted in a court of law, and before that can take place, accused parties have the opportunity to give their side of their stories.

One man in Utah will undoubtedly want to gain information that could make him feel more at ease when dealing with serious charges that were recently brought against him. Reports indicated that the man is accused of murder in relation to the death of a 16-year-old boy. The 20-year-old man was taken into custody after authorities served a warrant at his place of residence.

The alleged murder took place when the older man was driving a vehicle on a road and the teen was leaving an alternative program presumably on foot. The two reportedly had a gang-related interaction, and the man purportedly turned his vehicle around and shot the boy. The teen died as a result of the injuries, and the man is currently facing a first-degree felony charge for murder and a felony charge for discharging a firearm.

Accusations of violent crimes, especially murder should always be taken seriously. The man allegedly involved in this Utah event will certainly want to ensure that his rights are respected and that he has the opportunity to exercise those rights in a court of law. He may find it useful to create and present a criminal defense against the allegations brought against him, and information on his options may help.

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