Utah woman accused of violent crimes involving knives

Certain situations can easily result in individuals making decisions they later regret. Parties who have been accused of violent crimes may have been overcome by sudden rage or otherwise may not have been thinking clearly, and as a result, they may have been accused of acting in a criminal manner. In such cases, the consequences could be quite severe if a conviction for criminal charges comes about.

One woman in Utah is certainly hoping to avoid a conviction for a reported event that recently occurred. Reports stated that the woman had purportedly gone into a residence that was occupied by her two children, the children’s grandmother, and an unidentified man. At the time, the woman was allegedly holding two knives and began making slashing motions at the other individuals stating that she was going to kill them. The only apparent injury in the situation was a cut the man suffered to his finger.

The home occupants hid in a bedroom, and the woman left the residence. After leaving, she was stopped by police and taken into custody. The report indicated that she is currently facing charges for attempted murder, aggravated assault, domestic violence, and criminal mischief. She was reported as being 24 years old.

Dealing with allegations of violent crimes can prove immensely difficult. This Utah woman will undoubtedly want to learn more about the charges and her legal options to determine what courses of action may best suit her needs. In doing so, she may wish to speak with her legal counsel in hopes of coming up with the most useful strategies for her circumstances.

Source: standard.net, “Police: Woman gets attempted murder charge after threatening family with knife“, Nadia Pflaum, June 27, 2017

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