Utah man likely to defend against charges of murder, obstruction

When fearful, some individuals may think it is better not to tell the truth about a situation. They could believe that if they lie, they will avoid suspicion or trouble, but unfortunately, if a person is not truthful with law enforcement or if the police even suspect that the person was lying, more trouble could result. As a result, an individual could wind up needing to defend against multiple charges.

One man in Utah is currently facing such a predicament because authorities believe he tried to cover up the death of his girlfriend. Reports indicated that the man called emergency services on the night of his girlfriend’s death and claimed that she died after the two had aggressive sex, which he claimed involved putting restraints on their necks. However, an emergency room doctor indicated that the woman’s injuries did not fit with the man’s story.

The man later changed his story to say that both he and the woman were attempting to commit suicide together, but when questioned by police, the details of the man’s story reportedly did not match the evidence. The medical examiner determined that the woman’s cause of death was ligature asphyxiation, but the manner of death was unknown. Nonetheless, an arrest warrant was issued for the man, and he is currently facing charges for first-degree murder and obstruction of justice.

This Utah man will certainly want to work to defend against the serious charges he faces. The exact options he has regarding his criminal defense will depend on the details of his case, so it may benefit him to gain as much information regarding his predicament as possible. He may understandably feel overwhelmed by this ordeal, but he still has opportunities to present his side of the story.

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