Utah man facing charges for violent crimes

Because murder charges are among the most severe allegations a person can face, anyone who finds him or herself in this type of predicament will undoubtedly want to make sure they have the right information. Violent crimes may seem difficult to address, but everyone charged has the right to create and present a criminal defense in court. When considering defense options, understanding the various open paths may prove useful.

One man in Utah will certainly want to ensure that he understands his situation and viable legal avenues after recently being taken into custody. The man became a suspect in a double homicide after his girlfriend was taken into custody. She allegedly informed police where they could find the bodies of a 17-year-old girl and an 18-year-old man who had been missing for approximately three months.

Authorities believe that the man stabbed the younger man while making the young girl watch. The man then purportedly cut the girl’s throat. Both bodies were discovered in an abandoned mine where the man allegedly dumped them. As a result, he is facing charges for aggravated murder, kidnapping, desecration of a human body and other allegations.

With violent crimes or any other type of suspected illegal event, the individuals accused are considered innocent until — and only if — convicted in a court of law. The man accused in this Utah case has the right to present a criminal defense if he wishes to do so. In order to better understand his predicament, he may want to obtain reliable legal information that applies to his case.

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