Utah man charged with violent crimes after child goes missing

When a child goes missing, numerous people can feel an immediate sense of panic. Investigations begin, and police officers often start looking for suspects in the event that wrongdoing has occurred. In such situations, it is not unusual for a person to face allegations for violent crimes if a child is not found and murder is suspected.

This type of scenario has recently affected a 21-year-old Utah man. According to reports, the man’s 5-year-old niece went missing after the man had been at his sister’s home with the child the night before her disappearance. The family claims that when they woke up the next morning, the young girl was gone and so was her uncle. Authorities located the man and claimed that he gave inconsistent statements and was uncooperative.

A detective allegedly noticed that the man had dark stains on his clothing, which the officer suspected was dried blood. Further investigation reportedly resulted in the discovery of the young girl’s blood on the man’s watch and sweatshirt and on a broken knife that was missing from the family home. A bloody pipe and a skirt that reportedly belonged to the girl were found buried. Though the child’s body has not been discovered, the man is facing charges for murder, kidnapping, desecration of a human body and obstruction of justice.

The allegations for violent crimes that this man has been charged with will undoubtedly change his life. While he certainly has the ability to defend against the charges in the manner he finds most appropriate, he may still feel the repercussions for some time. As a result, he will undoubtedly want to put his best foot forward in handling his case as it moves through the Utah criminal justice system.

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