Utah man charged with aggravated murder after remains found

In cases where a person faces a serious criminal charge, it is not unusual for others to draw their own conclusions before a trial even gets underway. This type of scenario is particularly true in cases of suspected murder. When an individual is taken into custody in association with the crime, others may immediately think the person is guilty. However, any accused party has the right to a criminal defense.

One man in Utah is undoubtedly hoping to use his defense presentation as a way to reach a favorable outcome to his criminal case. According to reports, the man was recently taken into custody in connection with the death of a 23-year-old college student. The woman had been missing for 11 days before her remains were reportedly discovered in the man’s backyard.

Apparently, the woman’s phone records showed that she had intended to meet the 31-year-old man at a park and that her last phone communication was with him. He became a person of interest in the missing person case, and authorities searched his home. They allegedly found burned human remains in the man’s backyard along with burned items that purportedly belonged to the woman. As a result, the man was taken into custody on charges of aggravated murder and other allegations.

Though this Utah man may feel as if everything is against him, he has a lot at stake. An attorney can help him decide upon find the criminal defense option that allows him address the overview charges in a meaningful way. As he works to build his case, he may want to become more knowledgeable about the charges brought against him and how he may handle them.

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