Meaningful criminal defense may impact Utah murder case

Many people who face complicated situations may feel scared and confused. These feelings may affect numerous individuals who have been accused of allegedly carrying out crimes. Because criminal allegations could often come with serious consequences if convictions occur, parties may worry that they do not know how to properly handle such a predicament. Luckily, individuals could gain information on their criminal defense options.

One Utah man may be hoping to move forward with his defense confidently after recently being charged. Reports stated that the man became a murder suspect after another man was found deceased in his garage. The 27-year-old victim apparently died as a result of blunt force trauma. Authorities had to track the first man, and he was discovered in a neighboring state.

The man was pursued and eventually taken into custody in the other state, where he now faces multiple charges. He was later extradited back to Utah, and authorities charged him with first-degree murder and third-degree abuse or desecration of a corpse. He has been accused of intentionally causing the other man’s death and moving or concealing the body.

The charges brought against this Utah man are of the utmost severity. As a result, he may feel scared and alone as his legal proceedings begin. In order to feel more in control, the man may wish to become more knowledgeable on his criminal defense options and how presenting a meaningful defense could potentially impact his case. Obtaining information from local legal resources could help him ensure that the knowledge he gains is reliable and applicable.

Source:, “Box Elder County man charged with murder after man was found dead in his garage“, Paighten Harkins, Nov. 3, 2017

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