Man charged for alleged violent crimes in Utah

No two alleged criminal situations are the same. Therefore, parties who have been accused of violent crimes may want to focus on the circumstances under which they were taken into custody. By assessing the details and actions that allegedly led to the arrest, individuals may have a better understanding of how to more effectively defend themselves against serious charges.

One man in Utah may be looking into his defensive options after being accused of criminal activity. It was reported that the man was allegedly involved in a possible domestic dispute. It is unclear how authorities may have been alerted to the purported situation, but reports stated that the man apparently hit his girlfriend in the head with a frying pan, threw a vase at her and stabbed her with a paring knife.

Reports also noted that the actions were allegedly so forceful that the pan became dented and the vase put a hole in the wall after purportedly hitting the woman’s head. Details were not given on the extent of any injuries that the woman may have suffered in the alleged event. Nonetheless, the man was taken into custody and is facing charges of attempted murder and criminal mischief.

Facing a felony charge for alleged violent crimes can put an individual in a difficult situation to navigate. Legal proceedings can often be confusing, and therefore, the man may wish to discuss his situation with his legal counsel in order to learn more about his defensive options. Additionally, information on Utah criminal proceedings relating to his case may also prove valuable.

Source:, “Utah man charged with attempted murder for alleged frying-pan beating“, Erin Alberty, July 8, 2015

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