Utah woman facing manslaughter charge after husband’s death

Many people face difficult situations every day. They may have to contend with alcoholic, abusive spouses and wonder what their options are. In some cases, they may feel as if they are trying to help someone only to end up in serious trouble themselves, like facing charges for manslaughter.

One woman in Utah is currently facing charges for this type of scenario. The woman had apparently been subjected to decades of abuse leveled against her by her alcoholic husband. In 2014, the woman, who is a doctor, had apparently obtained a detox drug in hopes of helping her husband beat the alcoholism from which he suffered. However, he had reportedly been taking the drugs and continuing to consume alcohol, which resulted in a deadly combination.

The woman called emergency services when she found her deceased husband, but now she is facing charges for manslaughter. Authorities allegedly believe that she was reckless in her actions as she should have known of the dangers of taking the drug and drinking alcohol. In addition to the manslaughter charge, she is also charged with felony aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult.

Any type of situation has a number of facets that must be considered. This Utah woman will undoubtedly want to make sure that she understands the manslaughter charge and other allegations brought against her, as well as the possible ramifications. She may also want to remember that she has the ability to create and present a defense against the allegations brought against her. The exact strategies that may work in her best interests will depend on her specific circumstances.

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