Utah man may create criminal defense against manslaughter charge

A man in Utah is likely exploring his legal strategies after recently being charged. According to reports, the man is a repossession worker and was apparently attempting to repossess a vehicle when the situation turned deadly. As a result, the man is facing serious charges, and information on criminal defense options may be worth his consideration.

Reports stated that the man had gone to the home of a 35-year-old woman in order to repossess an SUV. However, the woman got into the vehicle and began to drive away. The man was apparently driving a tow truck and began to pursue the woman. Both vehicles were reportedly traveling at high rates of speed. At one point, the man allegedly attempted to stop the SUV by pinning it against a curb, but the SUV went over the curb and struck a tree.

The crash caused the woman driving the SUV to suffer fatal injuries. As a result, the man was taken into custody, and he is currently facing charges for manslaughter. It was also noted in the report that the repossession company for which the man works apparently has a policy stating that individuals should not be pursued if they attempt to avoid a repossession.

Manslaughter is a serious allegation, and the man will likely want to address his legal problems in an effective manner. If he wishes to combat the charges brought against him, information on creating and presenting a criminal defense may be of use to him. Additional information on Utah criminal court proceedings relating to his case may also help him understand what to potentially expect as his case heads to court.

Source: sltrib.com, “Utah repo man charged with manslaughter after allegedly running woman off the road to her death“, Mariah Noble, May 24, 2016

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