Father, stepmother charged with violent crimes in Utah

Many people do not fully understand their legal rights. Often, individuals do not feel the need to know their rights until they face a legal predicament. When people are taken into custody and charged with violent crimes, it is vital that they understand what steps they can take to face the allegations leveled against them.

Two individuals in Utah will certainly want to take the time to understand their legal rights after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that a father and a stepmother allegedly used the torture technique known as waterboarding on a 9-year-old girl. The child had apparently been taken to the hospital for an injury, and during the examination, nurses reportedly noticed unspecified marks on the girl’s wrists. The Division of Child and Family Services were contacted as a result.

The girl stated that her father and stepmother would tie her hands behind her back, put a towel over her mouth and hold her head under running water as a punishment. She also stated that her stepmother had hit her with a closed fist. As a result, the 29-year-old man and 28-year-old woman were taken into custody on child abuse charges.

Even after being taken into custody, individuals are presumed innocent until –and only if — they are convicted of the charges in a court of law. The man and woman charged in this Utah case may find it useful to gain information on the violent crimes for which they have been charged and their rights for defending against the allegations. Such cases can prove difficult, and preparation is often essential.

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