Criminal defense: Utah officer charged with domestic violence

Sometimes, individuals may have an underlying problem that results in their acting in ways that they otherwise might not. In some cases, an individual could be charged with allegations relating to violent crimes due to such actions. As a result, the accused party will undoubtedly want to determine his or her options for creating and presenting a criminal defense.

One man in Utah may need more information on his options after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man was arrested in relation to alleged domestic violence incidents. The purported events took place in August of last year, and the woman involved did not report the incidents until February due to fearing for her safety. She claimed that the two had gotten into an argument, and the man was purportedly brandishing a handgun and a rifle. He told the woman to leave the house with him, but she refused.

After that initial confrontation, another argument apparently took place the next day. The man reportedly used physical force against the woman by shoving and elbowing her, which apparently resulted in injuries. As a result of her claims, the man was taken into custody and placed on administrative leave from his position with the local police department.

It was noted that, before becoming a police officer, the man had served in the military. It is possible that the amount of stress he has undoubtedly faced in such positions could have contributed to his suffering from serious issues that caused him to act unlike himself. He may wish to explore this potential avenue of criminal defense as well as other strategies with an experienced Utah attorney.

Source:, “West Jordan Police Officer on Administrative Leave After Arrest“, March 13, 2017

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