Criminal defense may be helpful for Utah man charged with assault

Many people often get in arguments with other individuals. Those arguments can stem from petty slights or serious issues, and the extent of those arguments can vary as well. Some individuals may simply strongly disagree, and other situations can escalate into violent events. In violent cases, some parties could be charged for a crime and may want to consider a criminal defense.

A 30-year-old man in Utah may be hoping to find helpful legal options after he was allegedly involved in a violent incident. It was reported that the man had gotten into an argument with another individual, but it was not known what may have caused the argument. The other party — a 26-year-old male — apparently fainted, and when he came to, the older man was allegedly biting the younger man’s nose.

The bite was reportedly severe enough to cause the tissue of the nose to be torn. Authorities were purportedly alerted to the situation after the younger man went to the hospital. Doctors were able to stitch the nose. The 30-year-old man was taken into custody for felony mayhem, assault, and possession of marijuana.

The allegations that were leveled against the Utah man are serious, and he may want to gather helpful information for his situation. As he moves forward with his case, creating a criminal defense may be a route he wishes to follow. In doing so, he may wish to ensure that the officers responding to the alleged situation followed proper procedures, and he may also wish to disclose any information that may help in his criminal defense.

Source:, “Police: Man charged with mayhem and assault for biting off man’s nose“, Jan. 29, 2015

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