Couple facing charges for alleged violent crimes in Utah

Each person may have different ideas for dealing with a criminal case. When charged for alleged violent crimes, each individual may want to take the time to assess his or her particular circumstances to determine which legal routes may work best. Because convictions for such crimes can considerably impact accused parties’ lives, they will certainly want to move forward in a meaningful manner.

Two individuals in Utah will undoubtedly want to explore their criminal defenseoptions after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that a husband and wife had allegedly been looking for a car to steal when they came upon a 23-year-old driver and a female passenger. Apparently, the man fatally shot the driver and allegedly attempted to shoot the passenger.

It was unclear how police became informed of the purported incident, but nonetheless, the man and woman were arrested. The man is currently facing charges for aggravated murder, attempted murder, and several other felony charges. The woman was charged with felony criminal solicitation and theft. Apparently, the couple also faces charges in another state for an alleged homicide.

Violent crimes, especially murder, can result in some of the most severe consequences if a conviction takes place. In hopes of avoiding such an outcome, the man and woman may each want to explore their individual defense options. Information on these options could help them determine what routes may help them feel most comfortable as their cases move forward. Gaining reliable knowledge from local Utah legal resources may also help them feel more in control of their situations.

Source:, “He tried to kill a man with a crossbow before slaying a University of Utah student, police say“, Tiffany Caldwell, Nov. 16, 2017

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