Violent crimes: Utah man charged with aggravated assault

When a situation escalates into a physical altercation, it is possible that the authorities could become involved. If police believe that they are warranted, assault charges could be filed. Accusations of involvement in violent crimes can lead to individuals facing potentially serious consequences, and it may benefit their situations to explore their options.

One man in Utah may be looking into his legal options after being arrested. It was reported that the alleged situation began when a girl and her boyfriend got into a fight. The girl called her brother to pick her up, but after he picked her up, the two reportedly went back to the scene. Upon returning, the man and his sister’s boyfriend allegedly got into a physical fight.

The man purportedly hit the other man in the face, causing him to fall to the ground. Authorities were reportedly called to the scene at approximately 1 a.m. The boyfriend was apparently lying in the street when police arrived at the location of the apparent altercation, and he was considered to be in critical condition. As a result, the woman’s brother was taken into custody. He is currently facing a charge for aggravated assault.

As a result of the criminal charges, the man may want to determine what legal strategies could benefit his case. Information on creating and presenting a meaningful criminal defense could help the man better understand how he may be able to contest the charges brought against him. Additionally, information on Utah criminal proceedings for violent crimes may also prove useful.

Source:, “Man arrested in Herriman for alleged assault“, Aug. 29, 2015

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