Utah men may be considering criminal defense options

Reportedly, four men in Utah were taken into custody after two alleged incidents that were apparently related. They are facing serious charges, and they may want to explore their criminal defense options. Authorities were first alerted to a situation in which a man had purportedly been taken from his home. A woman stated that four men broke in and began beating her boyfriend before putting him in the back of a truck and driving away.

The woman also stated that the men were asking her boyfriend about another man. Police began looking for the second man, and while on the way to a suspected location, they were informed of a second alleged incident. The four men had allegedly busted into the second man’s home and pushed and spat on him and a woman. They also reportedly threatened to beat the pair.

Police apparently located the truck and found blood in the back. As a result, the four men were taken into custody. They are facing charges relating to kidnapping, assault and other allegations. Felony and misdemeanor counts have been brought against them.

As their cases proceed, each of the men will likely wonder which legal steps may be best suited in responding to the specific accusations. Therefore, they may want to individually explore their criminal defense options and other legal aspects relating to Utah criminal proceedings in order to more fully understand their predicaments. Finding out more about the charges filed against them may also prove beneficial. Alongside legal counsel, each man has the right to contest the accusations and pursue a result that is in his own best interests.

Source: moabtimes.com, “Four arrested in alleged kidnapping and assault“, Lisa J. Church, Jan. 7, 2016

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