Utah man may present criminal defense after arson charge

aking action in a situation in which an individual feels there may have been wrongdoing could be considered a common occurrence. However, if that action is unnecessary or illegal, an individual could find him or herself facing criminal charges. In such situations, that individual will undoubtedly wish to create the most meaningful criminal defense possible.

One man in Utah may soon be taking such action after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that the man was allegedly involved in the arson of a mobile home. The man stated that he was performing work on the home for the owner when he began to suspect that it had been stolen. It was unclear what may have led to this suspicion. Nonetheless, the man was reportedly afraid he would be accused in such a crime, and he purportedly set the motor home on fire.

Authorities reportedly determined that the home had not been stolen, and it was unclear whether the man indeed knew the owner. The motor home was considered a total loss as a result of the fire. The man was taken into custody and is currently facing charges for arson.

As the Utah man prepares for the legal proceedings before him, examining his potential avenues for combating the charges may be in his best interests. Consulting with his legal counsel in order to review his case as well as reflect on his choices for creating and presenting his criminal defense may also be a useful step. It is important to remember that the man is considered innocent until — and only if — he is proved guilty and convicted by a court of law.

Source: fox13now.com, “Arson suspect claims he set motor home ablaze out of fear vehicle was stolen“, Mark Green, Aug. 24, 2016

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