Violent crimes: Utah man facing charges for alleged sex abuse

The circumstances under which a person is taken into custody play a considerable role in the legal situation that will result. If a person is charged in relation to alleged violent crimes, he or she will likely want to explore the defensive options available and how the circumstances of the situation may be used. By determining the course of action that a party is most comfortable with pursuing, he or she may feel more at ease moving forward.

It was recently reported that a man in Utah was taken into custody after an alleged incident. Reports indicated that the man had picked up a woman for a date, during which the woman called police. She claimed that the man was holding her against her will and tried to rape her. Police arrived at the scene and reportedly took the woman to the hospital to be examined.

After questioning the woman, authorities were allegedly told that the man hit her, put her in the back seat and tried to rape her. She was reportedly able to push him off, though she apparently suffered minor injuries in the process. The man then reportedly locked the woman inside the car and began driving. After authorities were alerted to the alleged situation, the man was taken into custody and is facing felony charges for object rape, sexual abuse, attempted rape and other allegations.

These allegations relating to such violent crimes could result in severe penalties if the man is convicted. However, it is up to the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the man is guilty before a conviction can take place. With this in mind, the man may wish to determine what defensive strategies he can utilize as his case moves through the Utah criminal justice system.

Source:, “Police: Man kidnapped, sexually assaulted woman on date“, Kurt Hanson, June 16, 2015

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