Members of Utah National Guard in need of criminal defense

Those who are accused of non-violent crimes such as fraud, identity theft or burglary may not realize how significant the punishments can be. They may mistakenly believe that because they did not cause any physical harm to anyone, that prosecutors will be lenient. This is not always the case, as sentences for these types of crimes can include significant jail time, heavy fines or other forms of punishment. Four members of the Utah National Guard may discover this very fact if they are convicted on charges of fraud. They may choose to prepare a thorough criminal defense against these charges.

Three of the accused men are no longer with the National Guard — two of them were discharged after an investigation was conducted relating to accusations of wire fraud, and one is currently a university professor facing similar charges. The fourth is still on active duty, but is currently being investigated. They are all accused of using a recruiting incentive program for their own profit by claiming that new recruits were brought to the National Guard by them, thereby receiving signing bonuses.

Not only are those who have been formally charged accused of wire fraud, but they are also facing charges related to theft of government property. Altogether, they are accused of taking around $64,000. The National Guard had to do away with the recruiting incentive program a couple of years ago, as they believe that up to $340 million of what was paid out could have been fraudulently claimed.

The amounts that these men are accused of defrauding from the Utah National Guard are not small; if any of the men are convicted, they could be dealing with severe, life-changing punishments. Even so, it is important to remember that they are all considered innocent until — and only if — proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. They will each have the opportunity to present their criminal defense against the charges, as is anyone’s right in this situation.

Source:, “Current and ex-Utah Guard members face criminal charges“, Tom Harvey, Aug. 15, 2014

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