Utah man may create criminal defense after alleged kidnapping

When individuals are accused of involvement in a crime, one of their first thoughts may be how to defend against such allegations. They may be uncertain how to do so, especially if they do not have considerable knowledge of legal proceedings and criminal defense options. However, they may be able to utilize certain avenues that may help them build a meaningful defense.

One man in Utah may be looking into his options after being charged. It was reported that the man allegedly kidnapped a woman that he knew and abused her over the course of 20 hours. Reports indicated that the assaults took place from 11 p.m. until 7 p.m. the next day. It was noted that the man purportedly choked the woman until she lost consciousness and beat her with a golf club and other objects.

The woman reportedly convinced the man to leave the house with her, and she was eventually able to escape. Authorities were apparently alerted to the alleged situation, and the man was taken into custody. He is currently facing felony charges for aggravated kidnapping and aggravated burglary due to allegedly taking $80 from the woman as well as her makeup bag.

Felony charges can come with steep penalties if a conviction results from a criminal trial. However, the man may have ample opportunity to prepare for his case and create a criminal defense that may help his circumstances. As his situation moves forward, he may wish to gather information on Utah criminal proceedings regarding his situation, as well as any other relevant legal topics that he may find useful.

Source: ktla.com, “Utah Man Kidnapped Woman, Taped Mouth Shut, Beat Her With Golf Club for 20 Hours: Police“, Aug. 12, 2015

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