Criminal defense may interest woman facing charges in Utah

Because criminal charges can stem from a variety of situations, individuals who have been accused of a crime will likely wish to better understand their particular charges. By gaining more knowledge about what they may face and options for handling charges, individuals may be better able to work toward creating and presenting a meaningful criminal defense. One woman may be looking to take such action after charges were filed in Utah.

According to reports, a 63-year-old woman has been charged for allegedly making bomb threats. The purported threats were reportedly made through telephone calls to offices on a medical center campus. At least two different calls were made, and in the first call, the woman allegedly said she had a bomb and was going to blow up the hospital. During a second purported call, she apparently again made statements about blowing up the center.

Authorities were alerted to the calls, and an investigation reportedly traced the calls to the woman. When questioned, the woman allegedly stated that she had made calls to the hospital, but that she did not make any threats. She is currently facing felony charges for making a false alarm.

The charges filed against the woman could result in prison time if she is convicted. Therefore, she will likely want to consider her options for creating a criminal defense in hopes of avoiding such an outcome. Information on Utah criminal proceedings relating to her case may be of use to her as she works toward understanding her case and making decisions regarding how she would feel most comfortable moving forward.

Source:, “Nevada woman faces Utah charges over alleged bomb threats“, Jennifer Dobner, Nov. 25, 2015

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