Criminal defense info may interest men facing charges in Utah

Two individuals are currently facing serious charges in Utah relating to the death of a teenage girl. The charges that have been leveled against the two men are considered felonies, and each man may wish to consider his options for creating a criminal defense or taking other legal action. Gaining more knowledge on such legal paths may help them work toward making decisions that could most benefit them.

The situation allegedly began when an 18-year-old girl from another state came to Utah for a party. However, the girl allegedly ended up in a hotel room that was reportedly rented to one of the men. While in that room, it is suspected that the girl took a mix of drugs and died as a result.

After her death, the two men are suspected of having attempted to dispose of the girl’s body. One man allegedly bought gloves, masks, an electric saw and other items, and the second man purportedly cut the body up in order for it to fit into a suitcase. The second man is suspected of having taken the suitcase and having dropped it off in the Cactus Park hiking area in Colorado. Authorities later located the suitcase and the girl’s remains.

The two men were recently taken into custody. They are currently facing charges for obstructing justice and desecration of a human body. Both of these charges are felonies. Their bails are set at approximately $250,000 each.

The felony charges that they face could come with steep penalties if convictions result from criminal trials. However, the men do have the opportunity to each create a criminal defense if they wish. Therefore, they may find information on Utah criminal proceedings beneficial, as well as other pertinent legal information.

Source:, “Suspects charged for allegedly cutting up teen’s body, hiding it in suitcase“, Ali Monsen, Jan. 29, 2016

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