Criminal defense info may help man after DUI arrest in Utah

Many people make numerous mistakes throughout their lives. Some individuals may squeak by without others finding out about their errors, but for others, a lapse in judgment could leave them needing a criminal defense. If authorities suspect that a person consumed alcohol or used drugs before getting behind the wheel, he or she could end up facing charges for DUI.

It was recently reported that one man in Utah was taken into custody on such charges. Allegedly, the man had been driving a pickup truck and claimed to have been texting when he began driving in the wrong lanes of a roadway. The man eventually struck the back of a minivan, but he continued traveling despite one of the wheels coming off his truck.

The man eventually brought his truck to a stop in front of a residence, and the owner of the home claimed that the man seemed intoxicated. Authorities came to the scene and took the man into custody. He is currently facing charges for DUI, drug possession and driving the wrong way. Additional information on the purported situation may become available at a later time.

Due the circumstances of his arrest, the man will undoubtedly want to review his options for creating and presenting a criminal defense. Gaining knowledge regarding the charges, proper police procedure and his legal avenues could help him better understand how he may wish to move forward. In order to ensure that the information he obtains is reliable and applicable, it may prove useful to utilize local Utah legal resources.

Source:, “UPDATED: DUI suspect rams into minivan, tells onlooker he was texting“, Spencer Ricks, Jan. 28, 2018

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