Utah man may wish to explore criminal defense options

It was recently reported that a Utah man is currently facing multiple charges after an alleged theft. As a result of the charges leveled against him, the man may be considering ways to create a meaningful criminal defense. The situation reportedly began when a local Boys and Girls Club contacted police about a television and passenger van purportedly being stolen from their facility.

Authorities went to the home of the man, who was a suspect in the theft. It was unclear why police suspected him to have been involved. Officers questioned the man and reportedly located the van near the residence. The man apparently told police that he had been with a friend the day of the theft, but when the friend was questioned, he allegedly said he had not seen the man that day.

Officers reportedly asked if they could search the man’s home, and he purportedly agreed. Police allegedly found the keys to the stolen van in the man’s dirty laundry. While searching the home, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia were purportedly also found. As a result of the situation, the man is currently facing charges for vehicle theft, burglary, possession of methamphetamine and additional allegations.

Some of the charges that have been brought against the man are felonies and could come with steep punishments if he is convicted. Therefore, he will likely want to create and present a criminal defense in order to combat the allegations. Information on his legal options and what he will likely face as his case moves through the Utah criminal justice system may assist him during the decision making process.

Source: heraldextra.com, “Provo police arrest man suspected of stealing van from Boys and Girls Club“, Kurt Hanson, Dec. 15, 2015

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