Utah man may explore criminal defense option after felony charges

Having the opportunity to defend oneself is often an option that many individuals are happy to have. This sentiment may prove especially true for individuals who have been accused of serious crimes. In many cases, parties want to create and present a criminal defense in order to work toward their desired results. One man in Utah may be considering such an option due to recent charges brought against him.

Reports stated that the 26-year-old man was taken into custody after a warrant was served on his home. The warrant was allegedly enacted due to suspicion that the man had child pornography in his home, though it was unclear what may have caused these suspicions to arise. During the search, authorities allegedly uncovered pornography, marijuana plants and a firearm.

In addition to the Internet crimes task force that was initially on the scene, a narcotics strike force was also called due to the purported marijuana plants. The situation led to the man being taken into custody on numerous charges. Among the allegations are 20 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor as well as counts for marijuana cultivation and gun possession. All charges are considered felonies.

If the Utah man wishes to proactively approach his legal predicament, he should take steps to prepare. Gaining information on the allegations brought against him as well as his criminal defense options will help him determine which legal routes are most suited to his case. Consulting with an experienced attorney will also allow him to gain more knowledge that could prove useful as his situation proceeds.

Source: standard.net, “Ogden man arrested on child pornography, drug and gun charges“, Mark Shenefelt, May 5, 2016

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