Utah couple may consider criminal defense after allegations

Criminal charges can come about due to a variety of situations. No matter how the allegations come about, however, individuals have legal options that could help them navigate their state of affairs. If parties wish to maintain their innocence after being charged with an alleged crime, they could potentially work toward creating a criminal defense that could help them present beneficial information.

Two individuals in Utah may be exploring such an option after they were taken into custody. It was reported that the couple had taken a child to the hospital after the child reportedly had trouble breathing. Upon examination, a member of the medical staff apparently suspected that the child had suffered injuries due to abuse. The injuries were purportedly so severe that the child had to be taken in for surgery.

As a result of the alleged situation, the child’s mother and her boyfriend were taken into custody. They are currently suspected of felony and misdemeanor child abuse. It was also noted that the mother’s boyfriend had reportedly been charged with child abuse in the past and has also faced drug charges. The child’s mother apparently does not have a notable criminal history.

When facing charges, accused parties can sometimes have many questions about their situations. As a result, they may find information regarding Utah criminal proceedings and strategies for creating meaningful criminal defense presentations helpful. By gaining such knowledge, individuals may feel more confident in their preparation for their upcoming court proceedings and be better able to make decisions that they feel will help their circumstances.

Source: ksl.com, “Layton couple arrested, suspected of abusing 2-year-old child“, Mckenzie Romero May, May 9, 2015

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