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Multiple people arrested in Utah for drug crimes, stolen vehicle

It was recently reported that three individuals in Utah are currently facing charges after a police chase. The individuals are apparently accused of drug crimes as well as other alleged violations. The incident began at approximately 11:30 p.m. after an officer purportedly attempted to stop a vehicle that was believed to have been stolen.

Police stated that rather than stopping, the driver of the alleged stolen vehicle sped away and traveled onto the interstate. Officers reportedly tried to stop the car by deploying tire spikes, but the vehicle continued moving even after hitting the spikes. The car later slowed down enough to allow police the opportunity to conduct a maneuver to stop the car and end the chase.

Authorities report that there were five individuals in the car at the time of the stop. Two men and two women were taken into custody, and one individual was not arrested. The individuals who were arrested are reportedly facing charges for possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. It was unclear how officers allegedly located the purported drugs.

In order to attend to the charges brought against them for the alleged stolen vehicle possession and drug crimes, the accused parties may wish to each consider their criminal defense options. There are various legal avenues that could be followed, and by assessing their particular circumstances, each individual may be able to find the legal path that best suits his or her case. They may also wish to consult with experienced Utah defense attorneys in order to gain assistance in their endeavors.

Source: fox13now.com, “Three arrested after chase from WVC to South Ogden“, David Wells, Dec. 29, 2016

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