Woman and man arrested in Utah due to alleged drug crimes

The consequences that could come along with a conviction for drug charges could prove considerably negative to those involved. However, individuals who have been accused of drug crimes have the ability to utilize defense strategies against such allegations. If individuals wish to do so, they may find that gathering information on criminal proceedings, defensive options, and other related topics could help them feel better prepared.

Two individuals in Utah may be hoping to create meaningful defenses after being accused of drug-related activity. Authorities apparently began an investigation after they were informed of a woman who was reportedly selling drugs. Police purportedly followed the woman and conducted a traffic stop. There was a passenger in the vehicle who allegedly had warrants outstanding for his arrest.

A police dog was reportedly utilized to search the vehicle, and as a result, authorities allegedly discovered heroin, marijuana, prescription medication and other drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle. The passenger purportedly tested positive for multiple drugs in his system. Both the driver and passenger were taken into custody on multiple drug-related charges, including felony charges for possession by consumption, possession of drug paraphernalia and other allegations.

The charges leveled against these two individuals are serious and could result in potential jail time if convictions take place. Therefore, if they wish to possibly avoid such outcomes, they may want to determine how they wish to approach their legal situations. By gaining knowledge on criminal defense options and how charges relating to drug crimes are handled in a Utah court, they may feel more confident in their abilities to make informed decisions as their cases move forward.

Source: heraldextra.com, “Pair arrested in Orem on suspicion of selling heroin“, Kurt Hanson, Aug. 18, 2015

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