Man, woman charged for alleged drug crimes in Utah

Being concerned about legal proceedings is an understandable feeling. Two individuals in Utah may be experiencing such apprehension after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man and woman are accused of having involvement in drug crimes, and each individual is facing several charges relating to the situation after a search warrant was apparently executed.

Reports stated that the 25-year-old man and 24-year-old woman were living in the basement of a residence when police carried out the search warrant. It was unclear what caused authorities to obtain the warrant in the first place. Nonetheless, during their search, police allegedly found cocaine and “marijuana edibles” as well as drug paraphernalia. It was also noted that the drugs were purportedly in close proximity to children. Two handguns were also allegedly found.

The man and woman both purportedly admitted to possessing the drugs and informed police where additional drugs and paraphernalia could be located. The man is currently facing felony charges for drug possession, possession of a dangerous weapon, and child endangerment as well as misdemeanor drug possession charges. The woman has been charged with multiple counts of misdemeanor drug possession.

In order to approach their cases in a meaningful manner, the man and woman will likely each want to determine how he or she feels most comfortable moving forward. By becoming more knowledgeable on the various legal options that may be open to them, they may feel less stress about their legal predicaments. In order to find out more information on what may be expected of them during Utah criminal proceedings for the alleged drug crimes, they may wish to consult with experienced defense lawyers.

Source:, “Two arrested in American Fork on reports of possessing large quantities of cocaine“, Kurt Hanson, April 5, 2016

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