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Criminal Defense Important to St. George Man Facing Drug,

While most people likely hope that they will get through life without facing any serious legal predicaments, that is not always what happens. For some people, serious criminal charges could be brought against them for various reasons, including drug-related activity. Of course, even though a person may face charges, he or she still has the right to present a criminal defense.

One man may be hoping to find the best defense for his case after recently being arrested in Utah. According to reports, an officer stopped the man’s vehicle because it was traveling 94 mph on Interstate 15. After the officer approached the vehicle, he reportedly smelled marijuana. The man purportedly consented to a search of the vehicle, and the officer allegedly found drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Additionally, fraudulent checks, credit card skimmers and other documents were allegedly found in the vehicle. It was also determined that the vehicle the man was driving had been reported stolen and that the man had a warrant for his arrest in another state. This incident resulted in him facing charges for drug offenses, mail theft, possession/transferring a stolen vehicle and providing false information to a police officer.

This man has a lot to handle due to the multiple charges brought against him. Though his case may be difficult, he does not have to feel as if he has no feasible options. In fact, exploring his available avenues for creating a criminal defense and understanding Utah criminal procedures related to his case may help him find the path with which he feels most comfortable.

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