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2 facing charges for drug crimes after heroin found in vehicle

It is an unfortunate situation when a person ends up facing criminal charges when he or she may not have known that a crime was underway. Even if an individual claims to have had no knowledge of illegal substances being inside a vehicle or in a home, that person could still face charges of drug crimes. If so, creating a meaningful criminal defense may be the best option.

Two individuals were recently taken into custody in Utah on drug possession charges after police initially suspected that the driver was intoxicated. According to reports, an officer noticed that a vehicle had crossed over the fog lines on the road and that the driver failed to use his turn signal properly when changing lanes. As a result, the officer stopped the vehicle and had the driver perform field sobriety tests.

During the tests, a K-9 unit was utilized around the vehicle and allegedly gave officers cause for a search. During the search, police purportedly found over 10 pounds of heroin. The driver of the vehicle stated that he did not know that the drugs were in the car, as he had only been offered $200 to transport automobile parts. There was also a passenger in the vehicle, and she also claimed not to have knowledge of the heroin. Nonetheless, both individuals are facing charges for possession of a controlled substance, and the driver is also facing charges for traffic violations.

These two individuals undoubtedly want to do their best to defend against the charges they face. The details of their situation could be immensely important to the defense presentations they want to put forth. In order to better understand their legal options, they may want to gain information on procedures for handling drug crimes in Utah.

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