2 Arrested for Drug Crimes After Traffic Stop, Search

Getting pulled over by a police officer is no driver’s desire. In some cases, drivers may get a warning and be sent on their way, and in other cases, an officer may suspect that illegal activity is taking place. Unfortunately, that suspicion could lead to criminal charges for drug crimes for some individuals.

It was recently reported that two men were taken into custody in Utah after a traffic stop. The men, both from out of state, were stopped by a police officer for an undisclosed traffic violation. The report went on to state that the officer became suspicious that drug activity may have been taking place after he spoke with the men in the vehicle. It was not mentioned what exactly raised those suspicions.

A K-9 unit was used at the scene, and the K-9 allegedly indicated the presence of drugs in the bed of the pickup truck. Officers searched the bed of the truck and purportedly found 150 pounds of marijuana in six duffel bags. They also reportedly found packages of cash totaling $124,000. As a result, both men were taken into custody and are facing charges of possession of more than 100 pounds of marijuana.

Drug crimes are taken seriously by law enforcement, and these men will certainly want to take the charges they face seriously as well. It may be difficult for them to determine what courses of action they should take for their defenses, but gaining information on their options may help them decide. Particularly, they may want to obtain information on how their cases will be handled per Utah state law.

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