Criminal defense: Man, woman facing desecration of body charges

It is common for people to panic when they are in frightening and unusual situations. Of course, this fear may cause individuals to make decisions that do not truly work in their best interests. As a result, authorities may believe that the parties acted in a manner that calls for criminal charges, and accused individuals may need criminal defense information.

It was recently reported that two individuals in Utah were taken into custody after police located a body. The situation reportedly began when a man, woman, and a third individual were allegedly using illegal drugs at a residence. During that time, the third person reportedly overdosed and died as a result. Rather than inform emergency services, the man and woman purportedly put the person’s body in a closet.

Police later received an anonymous tip about the hidden body, and upon searching the residence, they discovered the remains. Authorities questioned the man and woman, who were reportedly staying at a nearby hotel. They claimed to have moved the body because they feared the repercussions of reporting the other man’s death. Now, the two are facing charges for the desecration of a body as well as various drug charges.

Any time allegations are brought against individuals, they have the right to mount a defense. The tactics used for these defenses vary from person to person and from case to case. If these two individuals in Utah want to determine the best options for defending against the allegations brought against them, they will want to obtain more information on possible legal avenues from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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