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Client had been charged with illegal re-entry and the recommendation from the government and the probation office was a sentence of at least three years in prison. When the Judge was made aware of all facts,
he reduced the sentence by over two years and gave the client an effective sentence of 5 months
after credit for time served and good time!
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Two clients arrested facing 15 to 17 years in prison under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. After 2 days of testimony and hard fought legal issues, Aric delivered an impassioned closing argument.
After only 90 minutes, the jury returned a NOT GUILTY verdict!
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The court dismissed the case at the end of the preliminary hearing ruling that there was no credible evidence that their client had taken any money from him with intent to deprive.
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Criminal defense info may help Utah man charged with assault

Each situation in which an individual has been accused of a crime is unique. Therefore, accused parties will undoubtedly want to explore their criminal defense options in order to find the best legal paths for their specific predicaments. One man in Utah may be hoping to find the right avenue for himself after recently being charged.

Reports stated that the man had allegedly approached a vehicle in the parking lot of a hardware store. The man had reportedly asked for a ride, and when the driver refused, the man allegedly took the driver’s cell phone. The driver then demanded the phone back, but the man purportedly punched the driver. It was unclear whether the two individuals knew each other.

An officer was on the scene and allegedly witnessed the reported event. As the officer approached, the man reportedly ran from the scene. Police began searching for the man and eventually located him and took him into custody. The man is currently facing multiple charges, including assault, robbery, criminal trespass and failure to stop for law enforcement. Bail for the man had not yet been set at the time of the report, and the incident was still under investigation.

The misdemeanor charges and felony robbery allegation may seem difficult for the man to handle on his own. Luckily, he could seek assistance from an experienced legal professional if he wishes. An experienced Utah attorney could help the man create and present his criminal defense and determine which defense options may have the potential to work in his best interests.

Source:, “Alleged assault leads to police pursuit“, Tracie Sullivan, Oct. 9, 2016

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