Criminal defense info may help 2 arrested after police chase

When people begin to panic, they do not always act rationally. As a result, many people who see flashing blue lights from police vehicles often begin to panic and consider attempting to flee. Unfortunately, many who make this attempt only end up facing an even more difficult scenario and may need an even more significant criminal defense.

It was recently reported that two individuals were taken into custody in Utah after attempting to evade a police officer. Apparently, a police officer attempted to stop a white SUV for an undisclosed reason, but the driver of the vehicle did not pull over. Instead, he purportedly sped away and led officers on a chase that reached speeds of approximately 120 mph. Deputies eventually deployed road spikes that slowed the vehicle.

The SUV continued off the interstate and crashed through multiple fences before coming to a stop in a cement irrigation ditch. The 31-year-old driver and 39-year-old passenger were both taken into custody. It was noted that a third individual ran from the scene and had not been apprehended at the time of the report. Authorities reportedly discovered that the SUV had been stolen, but the exact allegations with which the suspects had been charged were not listed in the report.

Understandably, the individuals accused in this Utah incident may feel uncertain about what steps may help them best address their criminal cases. They may both find it useful to explore various criminal defense options before deciding what approaches may work best. Because they may lack important knowledge regarding the criminal justice system and how their cases will proceed, they may want to gain information on what to expect.

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