Police actions could play role in criminal defense presentations

Situations can escalate far quicker than many people may imagine. In one instant, a person could be approached by police officers due to raised suspicions, and in the next instant, shots could be fired. When charges result from a scenario involving such circumstances, individuals may wonder what aspects of the event could play into their criminal defense presentations.

Three individuals were taken into custody in Utah on suspicion of committing burglary, and one of the individuals was shot by police in the course of the arrests. Reports stated that authorities had been contacted by witnesses at a truck stop who indicated that the individuals had been breaking into vehicles. Authorities came to the scene, and a female suspect allegedly came toward the officers with a screwdriver in a manner described as threatening. As a result, an officer fired his weapon twice at the woman, and she was hit in the leg.

Two other suspects, both men, were also taken into custody. One of the men had left the scene, but authorities apprehended him a short time later. Both men are facing charges of possession of a stolen vehicle and burglary of a vehicle. The woman was taken to an area hospital for her injuries, and the report did not state what charges she was facing.

The actions taken by police and other circumstances relating to an arrest play important parts in the legal proceedings associated with criminal charges. The individuals involved in this Utah incident may want to assess whether officers followed the proper procedures when handling the situation. If they would like more information on other criminal defense tactics that could apply to their cases, they may want to utilize local legal resources.

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