When people are upset about a situation, the ways in which they handle their feelings are typically different. Some people may feel that it is best to let things go and move on, and others may think that they need to take action to let another person know that they are upset. However, some actions could result in a person needing a criminal defense.

It was recently reported that one man’s action resulted in him being charged with multiple crimes in Utah. Apparently, the man wanted to buy a woman’s house for $90,000, but she did not want to sell it to him for that price. She apparently did not live at the residence that he wanted to purchase, and the man went to the woman’s home to speak with her. After she refused to sell the home, he allegedly threatened her and stated he would forge documents in order to get the house.

The woman contacted the police and informed them that her keys to the property no longer worked. Officers went to the property and found new deadbolts on the doors and that the home had been emptied. The man purportedly told police that he had been making changes to the property and changed the deadbolts. The man was repeatedly told by police not to enter the property, and after continuing to do so, he was charged with burglary, stalking, criminal trespassing, criminal mischief and forgery.

The multiple allegations against this Utah man are serious, and he will undoubtedly need more information about his case before finding the best way to handle those charges. Exploring his available criminal defense options and gaining information from local legal resources may help him face this ordeal. He may also want to look into obtaining assistance with his case.

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