Drug Possession Lawyer in St. George, Utah

The sentencing guidelines for possession charges in Utah are extremely severe. Along with staggering fines, jail or prison time is almost assured. Additionally, a possession charge can be elevated to a more serious charge if there is significant paraphernalia, including baggies, scales or other tools presumed to be used for sales or distribution. As such, it is extremely important to aggressively defend against any possession charge.
Oftentimes charges are brought based on ill-gotten evidence or a violation of rights. This may include:Search and seizure — did the officer have the right to stop a vehicle and/or a suspect and search/seize the property/premise?Scope of search — did the officer obtain a warrant or have probable cause to make any searches?If at any time an officer violated your rights in bringing a charge, it may be possible to reach a dismissal or mitigate consequences. As such, it is critical to get in touch with a legal team as soon as possible.Aric Cramer, Attorney at Law, is prepared to bring more than 30 years of criminal defense experience to aggressively defend against any drug charges in Utah. His trial experience on both state and federal levels readies the team for any case, regardless of complexity. By undertaking the needed discovery early on in a case, the team can quickly assess the best way to approach the case in a way that preserves client interest in the best possible way.

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