Utah man charged for drug crimes after near death of teen

Utah man charged for drug crimes after near death of teen A 19-year-old man in Utah may soon be exploring his legal options after a recent arrest. Reports stated that the man has been charged with drug crimes relating to the near-death of a 17-year-old boy. Apparently, the boy had arranged a meeting with the older … Read more

Utah woman facing charges relating to alleged drug crimes

Utah woman facing charges relating to alleged drug crimes Many individuals know that it can sometimes be difficult to move through certain situations. Legal predicaments can be especially difficult if individuals do not have much knowledge relating to their circumstances. Therefore, individuals who have been accused of drug crimes may want to better understand their allegations and … Read more

2 arrested for drug crimes after traffic stop, search

2 Arrested for Drug Crimes After Traffic Stop, Search Getting pulled over by a police officer is no driver’s desire. In some cases, drivers may get a warning and be sent on their way, and in other cases, an officer may suspect that illegal activity is taking place. Unfortunately, that suspicion could lead to criminal … Read more

Utah Marijuana Lawyer – What You Should Know About Utah Marijuana Laws

Utah Marijuana Lawyer

  Aric Cramer: Well. as promised, Aric Cramer, attorney at law, Southern Utah’s primarily where I practice, anywhere in Utah, really, and also am licensed in a number of federal jurisdictions, including the United States Supreme Court. I promised you guys I would talk to you some about Utah and marijuana. Marijuana. See, it’s still … Read more

Drug Crimes: Alleged Drug Ring Leads to Multiple Arrests

Man being arrested for drug crimes

Being placed under arrest can immediately cause a person to panic. It is common for this type of scenario to result in a flood of adrenaline, and a person may feel confused, worried and a number of other emotions. When facing accusations of drug crimes, it is often in individuals’ best interests to calm down … Read more

3 Charged With Drug Crimes After Utah Traffic Stop

Drug traffic stop arrest

For some people, getting pulled over by a police officer can be fairly routine. The officer may explain the alleged violation and may or may not issue a ticket. Unfortunately, some traffic stops could become more complicated if the officer suspects the driver and/or passengers of drug crimes. It was recently reported that three individuals … Read more

Woman Charged With Drug Crimes, Providing False Information

Woman in drug traffic stop with police

Many people feel uncomfortable interacting with police officers, especially if they believe they are about to be in trouble. As a result, they may wrack their brains for ways to potentially avoid charges for drug crimes or other allegations, and unfortunately, the ideas they come up with do not always work in their favor. For … Read more

Criminal Defense Important to St. George Man Facing Drug, Other Charges

While most people likely hope that they will get through life without facing any serious legal predicaments, that is not always what happens. For some people, serious criminal charges could be brought against them for various reasons, including drug-related activity. Of course, even though a person may face charges, he or she still has the … Read more

Drug crimes: Man accused of possession with intent in Utah

Drug crimes: Man accused of possession with intent in Utah Criminal accusations can seem to plague certain people. They may handle serious legal situations only to find themselves facing allegations again later. Unfortunately, accusations of drug crimes can have lasting consequences, and if a person is charged more than once, the situation may only become … Read more