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Charges for drug crimes leveled against Utah

Even when individuals have seemingly good intentions, their actions can still lead to criminal charges if they are not entirely legal. This type of scenario could affect individuals who want to make money but end up facing charges for drug crimes. Though they may have had their future endeavors on their minds when making sales, criminal charges can put those futures on the line.

One young man in Utah is currently facing this type of predicament. According to reports, the man had gone to a high school football game last year with the intention to watch the game. However, while there, others purportedly approached him in attempts to purchase drugs. As a result, the man allegedly began selling marijuana in the parking lot of the school.

Authorities became alerted to the situation, and when they arrived on the scene, they purportedly saw the man's vehicle in plain view and claimed that he had a jar with "a green leafy substance" inside. Authorities then searched the vehicle and reportedly found jars and baggies of marijuana, a scale, THC cartridges and a handgun. As a result, the man is facing criminal charges for drug distribution, possession of a firearm by a restricted person, altering the ID number on a gun and other charges. The 18-year-old man reportedly stated that he sold marijuana in efforts to make money for school or to start a legal marijuana distribution business.

Though this Utah man may have believed that his intentions were good, he must still face the consequences of his actions. In this case, those consequences mean charges for drug crimes and other allegations. However, his predicament does not necessarily have to get worse as he has the option of defending against the charges brought against him.

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