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Felony charges for drug crimes brought against man in Utah

When a person's choices land him or her in serious trouble, the decision-making does not stop there. In some cases, criminal charges for drug crimes may result from a situation, and the person accused will need to make many choices regarding how he or she wants to handle the legal proceedings ahead. Though some previous decisions may have ended badly, future ones could have more beneficial outcomes.

It was recently reported that a man was taken into custody in Utah after a traffic stop. Apparently, detectives had received a tip regarding possible narcotics trafficking, and that tip resulted in authorities stopping the 44-year-old man's vehicle. Authorities utilized a K-9 unit, which allegedly indicated that there were drugs in the vehicle. A search was conducted as a result.

Officers reportedly found 2.35 lbs of cocaine and 16.7 lbs of methamphetamine in the car. They also reportedly found cocaine in the man's pocket after he was placed under arrest. The man's teenage son was also in the vehicle, but authorities did not believe that he had any involvement with the drug-related activity, and he was released to his mother. The man is now facing felony charges for drug possession with the intent to distribute and other allegations.

Felony charges for drug crimes place this man in a difficult predicament. However, he can gain information regarding his legal options and decide which defense routes may help him best address his case. Information from local Utah legal resources may provide him with the knowledge he needs to make sound choices.

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