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Man accused of drug crimes after package delivery in Utah

Individuals can come under suspicion from authorities for various reasons. Commonly, investigators may think that someone is playing a role in certain drug crimes, and as a result, they may conduct an investigation into certain goings-on with that person. This type of activity could result in a person having drug-related allegations leveled against him or her.

One man in Utah is currently facing this type of situation. Reports stated that authorities were alerted to a package that allegedly contained illegal drugs. Before being delivered to its intended destination, a Department of Homeland Security agent obtained the package to check its contents. The agent purportedly found 543 grams of ecstasy inside a teddy bear that had been placed in the package. The package was then resealed and sent on to its original destination.

The man signed for the package at the post office and got into a vehicle. Authorities followed the man's vehicle to apartment complex, where another person got out of the car and fled the scene. The man moved the vehicle to another parking lot and stopped the vehicle, and police then took him into custody. As a result, he is currently facing a second degree felony charge for distribution of a controlled substance and a charge for possession of drug paraphernalia. He claimed that he did not know what was in the package and that a friend had asked him to pick it up.

Felony charges for drug crimes are no easy matter to address. The man involved in this Utah case will face various legal proceedings as his case moves forward, and he may want to do his best to determine his best courses of action. Information on his possible criminal defense options may help him in this endeavor.

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