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Utah home searched for alleged drug crimes, arrests made

Everyone wants to have the opportunity to have his or her side of a story heard. This may be especially true when someone has been accused of a crime. Though charges for drug crimes may be leveled against an individual or multiple individuals, each person has the right to defend against those allegations. Defense presentations can often give parties the opportunity to ensure that their sides of the situations are heard.

Multiple people in Utah may be looking to find the best way to present their defenses after a recent incident. Reports indicated that police officers conducted a search of a home after purportedly obtaining a warrant. Apparently, the home had been under investigation for suspected drug activity, which presumably led to officers executing the warrant.

The search allegedly turned up marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine. There were apparently 12 individuals in the home at the time of the search, and nine of those people were taken into custody due to outstanding warrants. It was unclear exactly how many people were arrested in connection with the search and with what allegations they may have been charged. It was mentioned that more information may be available at a later time.

Drug crimes are serious events, and if Utah residents are charged in relation to such incidents, they may need to determine their best courses of action. Information on various defense strategies can often help parties understand what options may be available to them. Additionally, consulting with experienced attorneys could also allow interested parties to gain reliable information and guidance throughout their criminal cases.

Source:, "9 arrested during police raid of Magna home", Faith Heaton Jolley, Nov. 30, 2017

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