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Utah man may create criminal defense presentation after drug bust

After being taken into custody for criminal charges, it is not unusual for individuals to feel as if they have little time to fully comprehend what is happening. There are many steps that they will likely have to go through during a short period of time, and they may wonder what choices they have when it comes to handling the allegations levied against them. Fortunately, criminal defense options are available for parties facing such circumstances.

One man in Utah may be hoping to determine his best course of action when it comes to defending against recent charges. Reports stated that a county drug task force had been investigating the man for several months before conducting a raid. It was unclear whether the operation was carried out at the man's residence or other premises.

As a result of the reported bust, police allegedly discovered marijuana, hashish and THC oils. Additionally, they also purportedly found cash and 60 firearms. These discoveries have resulted in the man facing drug and weapons charges. It was noted that the investigation was still underway, and additional arrests could take place.

When facing drug and other charges, individuals must contend with a serious legal situation. If they choose to create a criminal defense presentation, having the right information could make a considerable difference in how they decide to move forward with the creation of that defense. Therefore, this Utah man and others facing such situations may wish to obtain information from local legal resources in order to ensure that the knowledge they gain is accurate, applicable and reliable.

Source:, "60 guns recovered in drug task force investigation", Simone Francis, Oct. 20, 2017

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